Collection: ROC

ROC Boots is an Australian family owned and operated company.

Established in 1990 by Ian and David Cull, the family have a footwear heritage dating back to 1883 supplying shoes to the Australian market for over 130 years.

ROC product development team is based  in Sydney.

While for many years ROC school shoes were produced in Sydney, today ROC production is overseas with supply points in both China and Vietnam. This allows ROC to work with factories best equipped to produce a wide ranging ROC school shoes collection to the very high standards our customers require.

ROC school shoes are built to meet the high durability demands of daily school wear and we maintain a continuous, production batch testing program to ensure our standards are maintained.

Over the years ROC have built a special relationship with the Australian Youth culture and for that we are very thankful and wish to serve them well for many years to come.