Collection: CICIBAN

Ciciban footwear is predominantly made in Slovenia, which is renowned for its hundred-year shoemaking tradition. Ciciban footwear is a Slovenian product, which combines quality, knowledge and the tradition of a typical local craft.

The products are distinguished by the highest quality manufacturing methods, which is the result of knowledge from many generations, combined with the use of the latest technology available today. The company follows the latest technological and mechanical innovations, which guarantee the precise and excellent quality of footwear manufacture. At the same time the company stays loyal to the idea that the skilled hands of the shoemakers are still essential for the final quality of the footwear.

Ciciban is not distinguished just by the quality of their products, but also by its productivity, as more than 2,500 shoes are manufactured daily.

In the manufacturing process, all shoes are examined by more than 70 pairs of hands of professionally qualified staff.