Collection: KEEN

KEEN began with a moment of pure vision and a simple design challenge:

Can a sandal protect the toes?
The answer was YES. The answer was the NEWPORT

From the Newport, KEEN created a company built on hybrid innovation, redefining the outdoors and giving back to the community.

KEEN is committed to innovation in all things. Funny how this one radical departure for sandals inspired an overriding philosophy for KEEN; hybrid products that allow consumers to connect with the outdoors in its entirety. It is also the catalyst for the initial brand value, hybrid innovation. A commitment to innovation that inspires us in everything we do. It is what KEEN was founded on and continues to be the one core value that fuels growth at KEEN.

KEEN is committed to considering the effects of each choice we make when designing out footwear, developing out packaging and creating our environment. In short KEEN doesn’t react, KEEN creates.